Be Careful of Today’s Oral Health Fads in Colorado (CO)

In this 21st century, a lot of influencers talk about health, products and techniques in the health sector in their blogs, without prior knowledge of the same. The fact that an influencer uses a certain product does not mean it will be a success to you too.

Medical health and understanding how a human body works take years of schooling, practice and experience. The internet could offer you a quick search but the detailed captions eventually comes from an expert or in this case, a professional dentist.

Here, we highlight health fads and cosmetic dental trends our patients should avoid.

Cosmetic dentistry trends to avoid

1. Avoid widening a tooth gap to look “better”

Reshaping of the enamel is a viable procedure. This is usually done if a tooth is oddly shaped or has a minor chip. Reshaping of the enamel will help align the tooth with the rest. This procedure can also smoothen mamelons, which are small bumps on an adult tooth.

On the other hand, widening a gap just to look “cute”, like it alleged happened on the American show America’s Next Top Model, is quite unfortunate. The alleged cosmetic appeal cannot compensate the potential risk the teeth can have and how they fit all together.

2. Shy away from gems in your teeth

Many celebrities and popular figures go for gem implants on their teeth. Reason you ask? So that they can attract and look good when they smile.

A nice attractive smile does not mean gems in your teeth. These gems affect individuals in the long term as they fuel cavities, tooth decay and regrets.

3. Avoid Vampire fangs

You might want to resemble a character in the popular vampire movie you watched but reshaping your teeth to resemble fangs is not a bright idea. Alternatively, go for removable custom fangs to wear on your healthy teeth. Reshaping your teeth will eat up the enamel which won’t grow back.

Unhealthy Dental trends to avoid

1. Avoid cleaning your teeth with lemon juice

Many people want their teeth sparkling white. Because of this craze, many will try every way to get them white teeth. This includes lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and baking soda. All these compounds have acidity and as much as the enamel is strong and hard, corrosion over time with these acid based compounds wear it out.

2. Avoid using activated charcoal to clean your teeth

It is true charcoal is great with absorbing toxins and dirt. What many don’t realize is that charcoal has a highly porous texture that not only absorbs the teeth but also destroys the enamel and the teeth in general.
Its abrasiveness is also not good for your teeth. So as much as you will whiten your teeth for that particular day, the long term means your teeth will be destroyed eventually.

3. Oil pulling will not help!

Oil pulling in order to whiten teeth, really? White teeth are cool when you smile, yes, but there is no need to go an extra mile doing this as you will be wasting valuable time and getting no beneficial returns.
This is a fallacy as oil pulling does not work or at least it has no proof as far as we know.

Generally, when it comes to teeth and your dental formulae, everything that seems cool and is probably being used by a popular figure is not a guarantee that it works safely. Factually, ensure to consult professional dentists who will guide you on what product to use and what to avoid in order to retain and keep healthy white teeth.

Are you in need of trustworthy advice and leads? Start with us! Talk to your favorite Colorado Springs dentist. Let the pros help you choose science over fads.

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The content on this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.

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