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One of the most prominent diseases facing adults in America today is gum disease. In many of these cases, it’s a mild form of the disease, but it can progress and do serious damage to your oral health. Extreme cases of gum disease are known to cause tissue damage and tooth loss. This is why treating gum disease early on is vital. By treating gum disease in its early stages, it is possible to reverse its effects altogether.

Having a professional dental cleaning is the best way to get rid of gum disease. Since plaque is the cause of all gum disease, having it cleaned away is the most effective treatment. Some cases require more than two yearly cleanings.

In cases where gum disease has progressed, a deeper cleaning is necessary. A scaling and root planing may help these cases. During this root planing, your dentist will smooth out the rough patches on the roots of your affected teeth to help prevent future plaque buildup. During scaling, the dentist will clean out plaque and tartar hiding under your gum line. Scaling and root planing uses sedation, and typically rid the patient of gum disease.

Extreme cases of gum disease may require surgeries such as a tissue or bone graft to be carried out by a specialist.

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