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If you’ve struggled with chronic tooth decay or chronic gum disease, it can severely compromise the health and function of your mouth. This can result in tooth loss or tooth extraction.

To replace the function and appearance of these missing teeth, your dentist, Dr. Daniel Holsteen, might recommend removable dentures.

Many denture wearers like to use denture adhesive to secure their dentures in place while blocking out food particles. If you do have food particles come between your dentures and your gums, you should thoroughly rinse them and any residual adhesive away. You can then reapply more denture adhesive to the clean surface.

When you take your dentures out at the end of each day, you need to thoroughly rinse them to remove any plaque buildup as well as to wash away any residual adhesive. This should be followed by thoroughly brushing the surface of the dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture polish. You should then soak the dentures overnight in water or in a denture cleanser soaking solution and keep them in a safe place.

Brushing and cleaning your tongue twice a day will help stave off plaque buildup and reduce your chances of developing bad breath. If you still have natural teeth remaining, you should be sure to brush them twice per day and floss them once a day.

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