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Crown restorations performed at Dr. Daniel Holsteen’s Colorado Springs, Colorado, dental office are designed to replace a damaged or decayed tooth with a durable material like gold, porcelain, or base metallic alloys. As strong as these materials are, there are still times when dental trauma can carry enough force to chip or fracture a crown.

This is even more likely to befall you if you play in rigorous sports without a mouth guard or if you have a habit of using your teeth as improvised tools.

If the chip or fracture is limited to the crown and the underlying tooth is uncompromised, Dr. Daniel Holsteen might be able to simply fit you for a replacement crown. Unfortunately, if the damage also harmed the sensitive tooth within, Dr. Daniel Holsteen might need to perform root canal treatment.

A root canal can replace any damaged internal structures of the tooth. Then a new crown can be created to replace the damaged piece of dental work.

If you live in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area and you have a chipped or damaged crown, you should not delay in calling 719-598-3502 to seek professional treatment at Dr. Daniel Holsteen’s dental office.